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Talent Optimization

For an organization seeking to optimize talent, a foundational step is communicating this strategy to employees and then teaching employees how to make this strategy a reality. Indeed, analysis of the Rever Innovations HCM survey results showed a relationship between HCM change management maturity and talent optimization. Rever Innovations Talent Optimization framework is a multi-disciplinary approach that improves organizations' ability to cultivate, recruit, promote and manage their talent among their organization.



We deliver tangible services that produce measurable results. Special attention is paid to helping clients turn insights gained from the wide range of assessment and analytical tools deployed into workable solutions that can be implemented. Talent is pulled through from assessment to performance improvement with the delivery of an array of intervention tools including coaching, individual development plans and support to executive leadership and managers.

Talent Assessment

Our talent assessment framework produces highly successful talent management based upon a rigorous assessment of the key competencies needed for success in every position. These key competencies are benchmarked against best practices in your industry revealing the excellence required to meet and exceed market challenges.

Selection Assessment

Client advises executive candidate of Rever Innovations to step in the selection process. Candidate completes the on-line psychological tests first. Three tests in total that evaluate cognitive skills, personality characteristics, risk factors will be conducted. Results data delivered via bound booklet or PDF. Results data will be delivered within 5 to 10 days after completion of assessment suite by candidate.

Align talent with market challenges. Your business strategy is determined by your competitive position and market challenges. To thrive, the full potential of your talent must be applied to your competitive strategy. Working with your HR and executive team leaders, Rever Innovations performs a strategic alignment analysis to “health check” your talent and business strategy alignment.

Rever Innovations has expertise in helping clients design and develop performance based management systems that drive focus and clarity by linking individual performance to the unique culture, values and competencies critical to success.

Rever Innovations' professionals work with key HR leaders and personnel so they see how talent management fits the organization's business objectives and make day-to-day decisions that support talent management goals. Increased awareness and understanding prompt better HR decisions that support immediate and long-term talent development objectives.

Keep your organization moving forward with real-time talent data and analytics. Assessments, development plans, reviews and other talent management activities all generate all large amount of data. For that data to be useful, it must be easily accessible. Rever Innovations helps you store and organize your data so that when you want information on an employee or department, you can pull up the relevant statistics in an instant. We can also provide you with a powerful analytics engine, allowing you to leverage your stored data in meaningful ways that support and drive business results.