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India's Most Advanced Prosthetic Arm

Rever Innovations & Robotics (RIR) is a self funded Research & Development Organization. We are under the develpoment of India's most advanced Prosthetic arm which is fully designed and prototyped in India. Our design and technology aims to be sleek, cost-effective and meet the latest cutting edge technologies pushing the boundaries of prosthetic myoelectric hands. Advances in technology, materials and design are the momentum behind our newest generation of upper extremity prosthesis.


Revolutionizing Prosthetics

Rever Robotics' Prosthetics is an ambitious multiyear program self-funded by the Rever Innovations & Robotics (RIR) —to create a neurally controlled artificial limb that will restore near-natural motor and sensory capability to upper-extremity amputee patients.

R&D Centre

Our Research & Development centre is self-esteemed towards bringing technology to the day to day activities of mankind. Rever Innovations & Robotics (RIR)'s research Organization was founded in the early 2016, Bionics is a scientific method by which technological solutions are designed based on a detailed analysis of nature. Our R&D continues today with new variants of the hand as well as custom-designed options.

Rever Innovations & Robotics

Rever Innovations & Robotics vision is to create turning points in individual life's. Our aim is to do this with innovative prosthetic, orthotic and assistive technology products and services at affordable prices. Individuals with upper limb loss or deficiency experience unique emotional and physical challenges. Our goal is to provide these individuals with products that will help them achieve new found confidence, function, and independence to overcome some of these challenges and live a better life.

Various Grip patterns and hand posituons are taken into consideration to meet almost every actions of a hand in an average day. From power grip (Handling heavy objects) to soft grip (computer mouse usage) all are considered during the formation of grip patterns.

Our Prosthetic arm utilises leading-edge technology and unique, ergonomic features that make it unlike any other hand available. These innovations combine to give the hand unrivalled versatility, functionality and performance

Despite all the developments, the quality of a product is always measured by whether or not the user has achieved a better quality of life, more mobility or independence.

After lightweight design has already been incorporated into many elements, research is being done into combinations of materials that are sufficiently solid and light, while simultaneously storing energy more effectively.