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Project Details

Product Name: Rever Insurance

Launced on: 2016

Insurance Solutions

Rever Innovations has been providing the financial sector with advanced insurance IT solutions and services. Our key assets include a deep understanding of the industry and experience in modern technology.Rever Insurance solutions cover insurance processes throughout the whole value chain and are targeted for both internal and external users within multiple activity areas. We are aware that usability of everyday operations is crucial for end-users, thus we focus on the look and feel of business solutions at both the design and implementation stage.

Rever Insurance

Its simple to see why insurance agencies would use an ERP framework to advantage their business. Operators may have a lot of data to battle with, and having an online ERP framework where this database can be pulled up progressively is very important to them. Our insurance software solutions are designed to effectively manage the full range of insurance, including life, property and pension, providing support for all insurer's activities including the work of agents and claim adjusters.

Rever Insurance Features

Insurance Management

web-application accessible via web browsers on any device, highly responsive screens keeping the users engaged and satisfied, handy and comprehensive user dashboard, contextual actions and hints. Handling all types of life and non-life insurance products, all business lines, all communication channels and claim monitoring.

Powerful Search

Powerful search bar and engine for easy and quick access to data of various kinds, using this feature data retrieval is made much efficient and simpler. Agents can search for any data including policy details, customer details etc. within minutes which reduces the pain of refering bunch of hard copy data for data retrieval.

Customer Communication

Customer relationship modules empowers communication and notification regarding policies, access to the latest product information, new offers, promotions etc. by means of frequent Email, SMS and Voice calls. Policy renewal remainder, Policy claims, are priorly informed to the customers which builds satisfaction and trust among the agents.

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