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Life Science & Health Care

"Patient centricity" is driving the life sciences and healthcare industry, leading to an enhanced collaboration amongst life sciences companies, healthcare IT service providers, and payer organizations. The entire healthcare ecosystem is striving to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by adopting technological advances such as cloud, mobility, predictive analytics and digitalization, which are leading to simplified operating environments despite the constantly changing regulatory ecosystem.


Digital System Integration

Rever Innovations' roster of experts offer services and solutions in the critical areas of population health management, healthcare analytics, patient support programs, member experience management, mHealth, clinical development and manufacturing. Through our systems integration approach to digitalization, we enable technology-led business process transformation for our clients. We help them be "reborn digitally" by transforming their application landscapes to a future ready infrastructure with a single view of data across the enterprise.

Valuable Patenership

Rever Innovations' Co-Innovation Lab established in Coimbatore develops new technologies supporting golbal operations. Rever Innovation partnered with SKITRAC Organization for the digital transformation of Behavioral Problems Consultancy Services, Business Success Skills Consultancy Services, Career Success Skills Consultancy Services, Educational Consultancy Services, Family Counseling Services, Industrial Consultancy Services, Parenting Counseling Services, Soft Skills Training Services etc.

Enterprise Transformation

Evolving market conditions and increasing global competition has forced pharma organizations to reconsider their operating models. The focus is on improving efficiencies and realizing better value from business operations. As part of enterprise transformation efforts, pharma organizations are exploring new avenues of growth like global expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and adding new lines of business. Rever Innovations' Enterprise Transformation Services (ETS) enables pharmaceutical organizations to develop a transformational roadmap and an execution plan. This roadmap covers the key facets of the transformation, namely, business processes, applications, data, and information technology infrastructure.

Rever Innovations provides value by assisting customers in optimizing IT intensity (revenue to IT spend ratio) and building business efficiencies by aligning business strategy with IT strategy.

Guaranteed benefits of transformation by leveraging Rever Innovations' capability to architect and manage the customer's IT stack.

Enterprise Transformation Services is a key focus area for Rever Innovations, driving value in customer engagements. ETS offers flexibility through a discrete and integrated set of service offerings.

Reduced IT intensity (IT spend to revenue ratio), Improved operational excellence, Business goals enablement through IT alignment, Improved customer engagement.