Health care

Project Details

Product Name: Prosthetic Arm

R&D Started: 2016


A prosthesis is simply a tool. It is an artificial replacement for a missing limb or part of a limb that can help you regain independence after your amputation. Each device will be different, depending on the level of your amputation, physical ability and needs. Our prosthetist will create a device that is custom-made to fit you. Our prosthetist will make suggestions based on the type of amputation and your activity level. A prosthesis is basically an extension of your body. A standard prosthesis is made of conventional component parts that create the hand and prosthetic arm. These parts are connected to a socket that fits over your residual limb.

Rever Robotics' R&D Centre

The research for prosthesis was started by Rever Robotics in the early 2016. Our experts are working with a prototype which competes with all other prosthesis worldwide. Rever Robotics is the only INDIAN Organization which has undertaken the research for Prosthesis. We are expected to hit the medical industries in the early 2018, Rever Robotics aims at providing a highly sophisticated myoelectric prosthetic arm at an extremely affordable price.

Rever Robotics Prosthesis Features

Powerful Microprocessors

Powerful Microprocessors are used to continuously monitor the position of each finger, giving you precise, reliable control over hand movements. These microprocessors controls the fuctioning of motors by means of muscle signals.

Individual Motors

Individual motors are utilized in each fingers which enhances the hand movement and grip in a natural way. Optimized positioning of motors are taken into consideration to get a distributed weight making the hand feel Lighter & Comfortable.

Durable construction

Advanced materials are utilized for making the prothesis, which is strong enough to handle a resonable weight. So user can carry heavy objects confidently and push yourself from a seated position.